Emergency Situations and Numbers

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What is an emergency in Italy?

Emergency is a vague concept. We don't claim to explain the legal meaning here but give an idea of Italian perception.

Medical emergencies

There can be two kinds of medical emergency situations:

  • Let's say first type can be being unable to reach medical service without help. To give an idea: when you call the Medical Emergency number you are, in fact, asking for an an 'ambulance'. That is of course your personal choice to ask for one or not (a typical situation can be a broken leg for instance).
  • The other type of emergency is having an annoying pain etc. but being able to reach the hospital. In this case you will be visited by a nurse who will assign you an emergency color code. In Italy, there are several emergency codes - in order of severity: red, yellow, green, white -.

If you just need medical advice, and your general practitioner is not available (e.g. night hours or weekends), call the Doctor on Duty from whom you can get medical assistance on the telephone or who can visit you at home in some cases (a typical situation is having a fever). For the nearest hospital, check Doctors, Hospitals and Appointments.


In a situation which involves legal procedures you can also call General Emergency number or Carabinieri, they will ask you if you need an ambulance (for instance a traffic accident).

Emergency numbers

Description Number
Emergency number (generic purposes) 113
Carabinieri - Police 112
Medical emergency 118
Firemen (Vigili del fuoco) 115

Other useful numbers

Description Number
State police headquarters (Questura) 0403790111
National traffic police (Polizia stradale) 0404194311
Local police (Vigili Urbani) 040366111
Doctor on duty (Guardia medica) 0403991111
Trieste Hospital (Ospedali Riuniti di Trieste centralino) 0403991111
Trieste Municipality (Comune di Trieste) 0406751