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If you have been admitted as Ph.D student at SISSA, an official communication (telegram or letter) will be sent to you by the Students' Secretariat.

First it is important that you let the Students' Secretariat know if you do intend to follow your Ph.D. studies in SISSA. If you do, you will be awarded a fellowship of the amount of € 15.010,32 gross per year (approx. € 1135,00 net per month). Moreover a contribution towards living expenses will be also given (€ 1.200,00 gross per year) providing you will show us a registered contract.

Admission criteria

To be admitted to the School, candidates must be in possession of the Italian laurea ("laurea specialistica" as per new rules) in a scientific subject, or of a University degree obtained abroad and considered equivalent by the governing bodies of the School (i.e. M.Sc.). This degree must have been conferred within the starting date of the teaching programme which is:

  • First week of October for participation in the Ph.D. in Astroparticle Physics; Geometry; Mathematical Analysis Modelling and Applications; Mathematical Physics and Theory of Particle Physics.
  • First week of November for all the other Ph.D. programmes.

Admission procedure

Marca da bollo specimen

With in the first week of the starting of your Ph.D program you are asked to come to the Students' Secretariat in order to register. For the enrollment procedure you also have to bring:

  • The appropriate Form filled in (according if you want the scholarship or not):

Forms in English: Application with Scholarship

Forms in Italian: Modulo Iscrizione Borsista

  • Your codice fiscale (if you are Italian).
  • A Bank/post account (with its the details: IBAN code, etc.) from an Italian Bank that has to be in your name (so the fellowship can be paid to you).
  • A copy of the ERDISU tax payment receipt: By the end of October, you should have paid the "Regional tax". The amount depnds on your/your family income and it will grant you discounts on the SISSA bar and cafeteria. The payments can be done in any bank (even online) into this bank account:
Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati
Bank: Unicredit Banca
IBAN: IT 13 H 02008 02213 000002733637
Causale : Tassa ERDISU
  • A marca da bollo of € 16.00 which you can find in any local tobacconist.

Further info

Should you need further info, please feel free to write to .