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In compliance with Embassy or Consulate instructions, you will have to underwrite a private health insurance when you apply for a Student Visa.

This health insurance MUST:

  • cover expenses in the event of emergency treatments and/or urgent hospitalisation (admission via the hospital casualty ward).
  • cover the entire duration of your stay in Italy.
  • be valid for the territory of all Member States that fully implement the Schengen Treaty.
  • ensure the policy-holder's repatriation in case of serious illness.
  • be translated into Italian and authenticated by the Italian Embassy/Consulate.

N.B. the insured limit of the policy provided by the Insurance company must be €50,000 for stays of over 3 months and €30,000 for stays of less than 3 months; the policy validity should extend over the entire period of stay in Italy.

Payment of the insurance

Being a non EU/EEA citizen, in order to apply for the Permit of stay and to obtain a basic health assistance, you have to underwrite either a private insurance (e.g. INA-Assitalia) or to register and pay for the National Health System (either you choose gets reimbursed by SISSA).

Register with INA-Assitalia

If you choose the INA-Assitalia insurance policy the price of the policy is 49.00 euro for up to 6 months and 98.00 euro for 1 year. This insurance only covers urgent medical assistance (surgery and accidents) in the Emergency Room (Pronto Soccorso). It can be paid at any Post Office in Italy.

For the payment you should fill out the receipt called Conto Corrente Postale as follows:

sul C/Cn: 71270003

euro 98.00 (if it is paid yearly); 49.00 (if you pay it for 6 months).

Importo in lettere: novantotto,00; quarantanove,00 -

Intestato a: GenErali Italia SpA - Agenzia Generale - Piazzale delle Medaglie d’Oro, 37 - 00136 Roma

Causale: Assicurazione sanitaria per studenti a favore di “NAME AND SURNAME” a decorrere dal “DATE”

Eseguito da: Your name, surname and address

With this payment and many other documents you can ask for the Permit of stay.

Register with the Italian SSN

If you choose to be enrolled in the National (Regional) Health Care system (SSN), it will cost around 150 euros per calendar year to have a full health coverage. (Note that it means that the registration expires on December 31st of each year). This does not mean that everything is for free but that you have the possibility to have your "base" doctor whom you can visit for free and prescribe medicines/exams. Some medicines and all exams are subject to payment (maximum for exams is 36 Euros).

Applying is simple: Fill out the postal form with the numbers below and pay it at any post office within working hours.

You should use a red payment receipt called Conto Corrente Postale .

sul C/Cn: 181347

euro 149.77 (centoquarantanove,77)

Intesto a: S.S.R. Friuli Venezia Giulia - Assessorato Sanità

causale: Iscrizione volontaria al Servizio Sanitario Nazionale - Studio year (your name and surname)

Eseguito da: (your Name, surname and address)

The receipt of this payment together with other documents allow you to request the registration to SSN (See below) and entitles you to benefit of the Italian Healthcare System.

Documentation required

The following documents are needed to be entitled to public healthcare services:

  1. Scheda di iscrizione volontaria al Sistema sanitario nazionale (Form for voluntary registration with the SSN) filled in and signed.
  2. Permit of stay or the receipt issued by the Post office at the moment of the application
  3. Passport with visa
  4. Tax identification number or Codice fiscale
  5. Original of the receipt of the payment of 149.77 euro
  6. Self certification that you do not have any other source of income except for grants and fellowships
  7. Certificate of residence (only if you reside in Trieste) or self certification of your domicile in Trieste (the same address you have written in your permit of stay)

Please remember that you must pay the registration fee before you go to the ASS (Azienda per i Servizi Sanitari). The health card (tessera sanitaria) will be issued immediately and free of further charges. The SSN card covers the same period of your permit of stay. Upon registration at the ASS, you can also choose a General Practitioner from the list that will be shown to you. Remember to ask for a General Practitioner that can speak foreign languages!!

Attention: if you have only the receipt issued by the Post office of the application of the permit to stay, you can only apply for a temporary one-month registration with the SSN after payment of the relevant fee; the temporary health card can be renewed until 31st December of the same year and will have "ISCRIZIONE PROVVISORIA" (temporary registration) written on it.If your permit of stay is being renewed, you can register for a maximum period of 4 months.

Where to register with the Italian SSN?

First of all you have to determine in which distretto you live in. In order to do this you can use this utility provided by the ASS. To use it write the name of your street - omitting the initial via or piazza or viale or similar - and the civic number, then click on cerca. The web page will display your address followed by the number of the distretto. Once you go there, you will also be assigned a general practitioner.

When you have discovered which distretto you belong to, you should visit the relevant office and ask to be registered (if you're not fluent in Italian it's better to ask for assistance from your colleagues).

Distretto Address Telephone number Opening
1 Via L. Stock 2 0403997875 TUE, WED and THU from 8.00 to 11.00 hrs.
1 Opicina - Via di Prosecco 28/A 0403998164 WED from 13.00 to 17.00 hrs. and FRI from 08.30 to 11.30 hrs.
1 Aurisina - Aurisina 108/D 0403997921 TUE from 12.00 to 16.00 hrs.
2 Via della Pietà 2/1 (II floor, rooms 204/205) 0403992957 / 2960 / 2962 MON to FRI from 9.30 to 13.00 hrs.
3 Via Valmaura 59 0403995810 TUE, THU and FRI from 8.30 to 11.30 hrs.
4 Via G. Sai 7 (San Giovanni) 0403997453 / 465 MON, TUE, THU, and FRI from 8.00 to 11.00 hrs.

Additional information about the Italian Health Care System can be found at the Welcome Office Trieste webpage.