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  • check the CUP part
A sign indicating a pharmacy.

There are plenty of pharmacies (in italian 'farmacia') indicated by a big green cross sign everywhere in Trieste. Italian paharmacies are places where you can get drugs only with legal prescription from your general practitioner with exceptions of some un-presciribed drugs, moreover pharmacies are the only places where you can fix your Secondary Healthcare appointments and pay your visit beforehand (you cannot do this in every pharmacy but only in some of them). Look below: CUP and CASSA ).

The regular opening hours except holidays (including Sundays, religious and national holidays.)

In the Morning: from 8.30 to 13.30

In the Afternoon: from 16.00 to 19.30

You can find here the list of duty chemists during weekends and holidays, updated on a regular basis.

Pharmacies in Trieste and surroundings

A complete list of pharmacies can be found here.

Unfortunately the website is in italian but you will figure out immediately the most relevant info.

Here are some helpful words:

-Farmacie Pharmacies

-Urbani Urban (refering to the pharmacies in the city center)

-Rurali Rural (refering to the pharmacies in the surrounding villages)

-Prenotazione Appointment (for secondary healtcare institution or doctor visits)

-CUP is related to the hospitals (you cannot pay there but only fix an appointment)

-CASSA means you can pay your visit there beforehand. (?????? not sure about this)

-Turni Turns or shifts, (refering to the pharmacies which are open at irregular hours.)