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Sissa Gym

The gym is situated in the middle of the park, and is available to SISSA students and staff. It is located in a bright and welcoming building, where users can avail themselves of a wide range of fitness equipment and machines, and a broad schedule of gym courses. The timetable has been arranged in order to not interfere with the activity in the School. All the information about costs and schedule can be found here.

Sports Facilities in Trieste

There are a lot of sports facilities in Trieste. In some of them, if you have an ERDISU card issued by Trieste Universitaria, you can get a discount on the entrance ticket. Below we list some of the most common.


The cost range of the GYMs in Trieste is between 40-80 euros per month. This depends on its location and the sports, health and beauty facilities that they offer.


Phone: 040 306216

Fax: 040 306216

Address: Via Bellosguardo, 21.


Phone: 040830363

Address: via Ratto della Pileria, 39

Swimming Pools

C) Piscina Bruno Bianchi: [1]

Phone: 040 306024

Address: Largo Irneri Ugo, 1.

D) Piscina di San Giovanni

Phone: 040 300342

Address: Via San Cilino, 42.

E) Piscina di Altura

Phone: 040 827667

Address: Via Delle Alpi Giulie, 2/1.


F) Centro formazione di danza "Città di Trieste"

Phone: 040360293

Adress: Via Machiavelli, 17.

Basketball Courts

G) Pallacanestro Trieste 2004

Phone: 040303717

Adress: Via Locchi, 25


H) Pallamano Trieste - Associazione Sportiva

Phone: 040761060

Adress: Via Visinada, 1.

Football fields

The following football fields are not included in the Erdisu discount:

- Campo "Visintini" di San Giovanni

Viale R. Sanzio, 40 - phone. 040 574142

- Campo "Ferrini" di Ponziana

Piazzale delle Puglie - phone. 040 633632

- Campo di Borgo San Sergio (gestore: Polisportiva San Sergio)

Via Petracco, 8 - phone. 040 810760

- Campo a 7 di Borgo San Sergio

Via Buozzi, 6 - phone. 040 810760

- Campo di Sant'Andrea

Via Locchi - phone. 040 306119

- Campo di San Luigi

Via Felluga, 58 - phone. 040 946694

- Campo a 7 di San Luigi

Via Felluga, 58 - phone. 040 946694

- Campo a 7 Altura

Via Suppan - phone. 040870010

- Campo a 7 di Cologna

Via Flemming, 7 - phone. 040 55539

- Campo a 7 di Roiano Viale Miramare, 79 - pone. 040 43048

Group sports

Sport teams shows all the relevant info.

Extreme sports

- Hiking

- Caving

- Rafting

- Skiing