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In B5 Building (first floor, above the gym) there's a room where our bands can spend their stolen-from-the-PhD-project-according-to-staff-people time. Access to the building is restricted to "SISSA people".

How to book

First of all you should send an email to Davide Marcato in order to be subscribed to the Google calendar that will allow you to book the room. Your name will also be communicated to the reception that will give you the keys each time you'll have to use the room. Remember to return the keys to the reception after playing or the next in line will not be able to use it ;-)

A few rules

  1. Feel free to use the gear (amplifiers, piano, drums, etc.) but, please, take extra care. The piano is SISSA club property while amplifiers and drums, etc., are private properties for the community.
  1. Keep the room tidy. Try not to leave bottles, cans, etc. all around. The room is a common space and someone might not be happy to share your way of life :-) If you feel uncomfortable with dirt, feel free to clean now and then.
  1. Report any "misuse" of the room to