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A contribution towards the purchase of a laptop or a tablet is given to the Ph.D. students enrolled in the I, II and III years of the course. In order to get this contribution, students must regularly attend the courses and should be awarded a SISSA fellowship (or fellowship from other source of same or lower amount).


The contribution will be as follows:

  • I year: € 400,00 maximum
  • II year: € 400,00 maximum
  • III year: € 300,00 maximum

Rules and restrictions

Purchases are valid since the date of admission to SISSA (i.e. after entrance exams or preselection results).

The contribution will be given taking into consideration the present year of enrollment, no matter when the computer has been bought. Example: I am now enrolled in the III year. I bought a computer when i was in the I year, i will receive € 300,00.

The bonus will be awarded only once and shall not exceed the price of the laptop (i.e. First year student who paid € 299,00 will receive € 299,00 and not € 400,00).

Online and/or foreign currency purchases are accepted.

The contribution will be given only to those who will submit proof of the purchase ("scontrino fiscale", printout from the online payment or similar). If there is a name on the receipt it must be yours. There will not be a contribution for laptops bought by other persons.

Mini laptop, tablet and i-Pad are "eligible" for the contribution, while smartphones are not.

First year students' requests for contribution will be paid at the end of the first academic year ONLY after positive qualifying exams.

How to proceed to get a reimbursement

In order to get the laptop contribution you should fill this form. Remember to login with your SISSA account by the yellow button.

Deadlines and Payment

  • Deadline for purchase: 31st October
  • Deadline for submitting the request: 31st October
  • Payment: end of November.