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A view of SISSA park and Trieste's gulf

Back to the main SISSA web site.

Interested in applying for a SISSA position? Already waiting to take an exam or to come here to start a PhD program? Click on the header and find a short summary of some useful information that you ought to know.

If you are already in Trieste you can find here some sources of practical information that you might find helpful (at least as a starting point).

For more information about various aspects of your daily life in SISSA, from your fellowhip to missions, you can check this section.


In preparing this web site we have tried to verify more than once every statement and every procedure in order to provide a trustful source to our fellow students. However we should warn you that all information contained in this web site comes as it is without any warranty that is actually correct.


This web site is currently maintained by the Students' Secretariat and supported by the work of a 150 hours student fellowship
  • Riccardo Iancer
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About this website

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