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Once (or twice) per year SISSA students can enter a competition to be assigned a paid activity from the school. The available activities are connected with services rendered by the school, with the exception of those involving teaching, examinations and administrative responsibility (e.g. library, web pages update, plotter service, etc...).

The competition usually takes place in September/October and is announced on this web page and by an email sent to all PhD students from the Students' Secretariat. The name of this competition - 150 hours (centocinquanta ore) - means that the activity is supposed to last exactly 150 hours to be distributed throughout the academic year. Students may request to be considered for a maximum of two activities and may also request to be assigned less than 150 hours, with a 50 hours minimum per activity. Students are paid 10.30 euros per hour and this income is tax-free.

The Rules governing the 150 hours competition can be found in Regulations.

How to participate?

When the 150 hours competition is announced, see here, students should bring the following documents to the Students' Secretariat:

  • 150 hour application form filled in
  • Supporting material justifying your qualifications for the job
  • Letter stating the reasons why you need the 150 hours (hardship condition)

The deadline is fixed approximately two weeks after the announcement is published.


The selection committees meet immediately after the deadline and draw up the lists of eligible candidates. A Director's decree will then nominate the winners. This decree will be e-mailed to all PhD students by the Students' Secretariat. Students who receive more than 150 hours through a combination of assignments will have approximately one week to choose which assignments they will keep. Another decree from the Director will then announce the final results. A few days later the winners will receive their contracts.


In order to get paid you should fill in the following form, ask your "150 hours" supervisor to sign it as well and send it to the "Ufficio Risorse Umane".

Form in Italian: Modulo pagamento 150 ore

Form in English: Payment form 150 hours

Academic year 2014/2015

Competition Announcement and results