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Every year SISSA PhD and Master students can participate into a selection to be assigned a paid part-time activity. The available activities are connected with services rendered by the school (e.g. library, web pages update, plotter service, etc...) with the exception of those involving teaching, examinations and administrative responsibility.

The announcement is usually issued in September/October and is announced at this web page and by an email sent by the Students' Secretariat. The duration of the activities can vary from 50 to 150 hours and must be concluded by 31 December of the subsequent year. The hourly wage is € 10.30 (tax-free).

The Rules governing the 150 hours competition can be found here


In order to get paid you should fill in the following form, ask your "150 hours" supervisor to sign it as well and send it to protocollo@sissa.it

Form in Italian: Modulo pagamento 150 ore

Form in English: Payment form 150 hours