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The treasure at the end of your quest (a permit of stay - specimen)

If you are a non-European/EEA citizen and you wish to complete your Ph.D. at SISSA, you must apply for a permit of stay in order to legally stay in Italy. With the visa issued by the Italian Consulate/Embassy in your country of origin, you must apply for your permit of stay within 8 working days of your arrival in Italy.

You should always carry with you your permit of stay or the post-office receipt issued upon handing in the application along with an ID document.

Application for the permit of stay

The request for the permit of stay must be made WITHIN 8 WORKING DAYS of your arrival in Italy. The permit of stay is issued at the Police Headquarters (Questura) by the immigration office (Ufficio immigrazione) in Trieste (opening hours), it entitles you to temporarily live in Italy, and to visit any Schengen country. In order to request your permit of stay you should fill in a documentation kit RICHIESTA DI RILASCIO/RINNOVO DEL PERMESSO/CARTA DI SOGGIORNO PER CITTADINI STRANIERI which you can obtain at the Students' Secretariat or in any post office (ufficio postale or simply poste).

Please refer to Students' Secretariat for the entire procedure

What documents do you need to apply for a permit of stay?

Marca da bollo specimen
  1. A documentation kit which includes an application form (Form 1 filled in) and a list of documents to be enclosed with the application.
  2. A marca da bollo (revenue stamp) of €16.00 to be put on Form 1. It can be bought at a tobacco shop (tabaccaio) where cigarettes are sold.
  3. Photocopy of all the pages of the passport (blank pages included).
  4. Photocopy of the study programme: presentation letter written by SISSA supporting your visa application with the stamp of the Italian Consulate/Embassy where the visa was issued. Or a certificate issued by the SISSA if the Italian Consulate/Embassy has not put its stamp on the letter.
  5. Proof of sufficient means of subsistence: Enclose a statement from SISSA certifying the amount of your fellowship. If you do not have a fellowship you should enclose a bank statement.
  6. Copy of the insurance policy valid in Italy for the entire period of validity of the permit of stay, which will cover you in case of illness and injury (see Health Insurance). Note: It is strongly recommended to take the best health insurance because, if you are a Ph.D students, SISSA will reimburse you for its cost.
  7. A receipt of the postal paying-in slip for the payment of € 107.50, which you have to pay upon submission of your application at the post office.
  8. Your codice fiscale.


All these documents must be enclosed and put inside the kit envelope RICHIESTA DI RILASCIO/RINNOVO DEL PERMESSO/CARTA DI SOGGIORNO PER CITTADINI STRANIERI. THE ENCLOSED DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE COPIES (YOU MUST KEEP THE ORIGINALS) EXCEPT FOR FORM 1. The envelope should not be closed because the post office will check all your documents before accepting the application.

How much does applying for a permit of stay cost?

You will have to apply for a new permit of stay each year. These are the costs you can except to pay each time you apply for or renew your permit of stay.

  • Application fee: € 30.00
  • Cost of the electronic permit: € 107.50
  • Marca da bollo: € 16.00
  • Health Insurance: € 149.77 (National Health Insurance for a year) and/or 49.00 (INA Assitalia, for the first request - 6 months). Note: if you are a PhD student the Health Insurance costs will be reimbursed by SISSA.

Where to submit the application kit?

The receipt issued by the post office - The Assicurata number is circled in red

After having filled in Form 1 of the documentation kit and enclosed ALL the additional documents required, go to the Main Post Office (Piazza Vittorio Veneto 1) and personally hand in the open envelope of the kit. The Post office clerk will ask you to show your passport (or an identity document). You will be then asked to pay a post charge of € 30.00 for the application and € 107.50 for the electronic permit of stay.

You will receive a receipt from the post office which you must always keep with you together with your passport, as this is proof of your permit of stay until the original arrives. This receipt contains a number (Numero Assicurata) that will allow you to check online the progress of your permit of stay.

You will also receive a note with the date of your appointment for fingerprinting at the immigration office of the Questura (usually a few weeks after your request).

Appointment at the Questura

Once your request has been accepted, you will receive an appointment by registered letter to go to the immigration office (ufficio immigrazione) of the Questura in Trieste (opening hours) in order to have your fingerprints taken.

If you find on the Internet the information regarding the time and date of your appointment at the police but you have not received the registered letter, you can print out the relevant Internet page and take it with you to the immigration office of the Questura.

On the portaleimmigrazione website you can track the progress of your application. If you find a message there stating that the documentation you submitted is incomplete (documentazione non completa) or that it was wrongly filled in (documentazione non completata correttamente), do not worry as when you get the appointment and go to the immigration office at the Questura you will be able to bring the missing documents or make any necessary corrections.

Important: never miss an appointment for fingerprinting (it's quite a nightmare to get another one)!!


When you go for the fingerprinting remember to take with you:

  • your passport
  • the registered letter containing the details about the appointment at the Questura.
  • the originals of all the documents you have submitted through the post office.
  • 4 passport-sized photographs on white background.
  • A copy of your lease contract or copy of the declaration made by the landlord to the Questura that you are living in their apartment (modulo di cessione del fabbricato to be signed by the landlord). The landlord should submit this declaration to the Questura when you move to their place; alternatively, you can provide any other documentary proof of your accommodation.

Note that you will NOT be called by the Questura to collect your permit of stay. After completing the application, you can check online whether your permit of stay has been issued.

Approximately two months after your fingerprints have been taken, you have to go personally to the Questura to collect your permit of stay. They will be open from 14.30 to 17.00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Location of the Questura

  • ADDRESS: Via Tor Bandena 6
  • PHONE: 0403790589
  • FAX: 0403790777