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A contribution towards the expenses for training and research may be assigned to PhD students enrolled in the III and IV year of the course. This contribution is, in particular, aimed to support the self-promotion of the students during the search for their postdoctoral position.


The contribution can be granted, upon request, una tantum up to € 1000,00

Rules and restrictions

The contribution can be requested for the following expenses:

  • Scientific trips (travel, accommodation and meals according to Missions regulation);
  • Registration fees to attend Schools, Workshop, Conferences, ...;
  • Purchase of data storage;
  • Expenses for the publishing of scientific papers;
  • Poster prints in non-standard format (i.e., when not possible using SISSA plotter);

Any expense request other than the aforementioned will be taken into account and assessed.

How to proceed to get a reimbursement

In order to get the contribution you should fill the dedicated form, and bring it to the Area Secretariat together with

  1. All the receipts of the payments (original, no photocopies)
  2. A declaration of your PhD coordinator (even if your supervisor is someone else) stating the appropriateness of the expenses (a form like this)

Deadlines and Payment

  • Deadline for submitting the request: 31st August
  • Payment: end of September.

If you have already reached the threshold of € 1000,00 or you are not planning to ask for any further contribution, the request may be submitted by June, 30th and the payment will be completed by the end of July.

Late requests can be accepted no later than the date of discussion of the thesis (i.e. conference taking place after 31 August). In this case the payment will be made within two months after the date of the request.