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Istructions to fill in the contributions forms

SISSA PhD students in possess of a legal contract are entitled to get a contribution towards living expenses, which consists of € 100,00 per month. Exception are:

  • Students with "assegno di ricerca" (research assignement);
  • Students whose fellowship and contributions are ruled by a specific contract with external bodies (research institutes, industries, etc.);
  • Students lodged in the ARDiS apartments.

How to do it

  • The requests of contribution must be submitted no later than 31st July. The on-line procedure automatically send your request to The contribution is usually paid in September/October.
  • Students who submit the request by 31st July and have a rent contract that does not cover the entire period of the calendar year, may submit another request to cover the remaining period, no later than 31st December of each year. The remaining part of the contribution will be paid in January/February
  • First year students, will have to submit the application for contribution no later than 31 December. The contribution for the period from the beginning of the academic year to 31 December will be paid by the end of February.

All students can use this dedicated form

Late requests will not be accepted, whatever the cause (as state by the Administrative Council of 26.04.2012)

Taxation allowances

With reference to the DECLARATION in accordance with and for the effects of art. 23 of DPR 600/1973 and subsequent modifications for Taxation Allowances (art. 13, DPR 917/1986) and in accordance with arts. 46 and 47 of D.P.R. 445/2000 we specify that:

The allowances for employee status or equivalent are deductions that can be applied to employee-like incomes (such as contribution towards living expenses) and that have to be applied proportionally to the period of the activity (in case of the contribution towards living expenses, for the academic year: from 1 October or 1 November till 30 September or 31 October). These allowances permit you to pay less taxes on the income you receive. In case of small annual incomes, such as contribution towards living expenses, allowances are very high and permit you to receive the whole amount of the contribution. You are eligible for these allowances if you receive employee-like incomes. If you receive other employee-like incomes, in addition to the contribution towards living expenses (for example collaborations – 150 hours and "tutorato" excluded), on which you request the application of allowances, you are advised not to request these allowances also on the contribution towards living expenses, as you would risk  exceeding the limit permitted.  This would result in you having to return the sum when submitting your income tax declaration.

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