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The Trieste local public transport system is run by Trieste Trasporti S.p.A.. This utility allows you to check bus routes (linee) and to plan the journey (calcolo percorso). We provide a small handbook for those who have problems reading Italian.


On their website you can find the updated schedules for all the bus routes. The schedule usually changes at the beginning of June (Summer schedule in force) and in mid September (Winter schedule in force)

Bear in mind that:

  • orario feriale means that the schedule is valid from Mondays to Fridays.
  • orario sabato means that the schedule is valid on Saturdays only.
  • orario domenica e festivi means that the schedule is valid on Sundays and during other public holidays.
  • If there's no schedule for Saturdays or Sundays this usually means that the Mon to Fri schedule applies unless otherwise noted (e.g. solo feriale means that the run is not active on Sundays, public holidays and Saturdays, nel festivo sospesa means that the line is not active on Sundays or public holidays)
  • Almost all buses end their schedule at around 21. Some routes start their schedule at around 21 and stop at around midnight (lines A, B, C, D).


10 trips ticket - In the red rectangle you can see the validation code.

Where to find them and how to use them

Tickets cannot be purchased directly on the bus. Tickets must be validated on the bus using the orange machine near each entrance door Trieste Trasporti tickets can be bought in a tobacconist's shop, from a newspaper seller, or using automated vending machines. At SISSA you can find them at the cafeteria and at the automated vending machine near the 38 bus stop.

On the Trieste Trasporti website you will find:

  • A list of all vending machines. The first column shows the place and the second one the bus routes passing nearby.
  • A list of all the shops that currently sell tickets and their location.

Kinds of tickets available

There are different kinds of tickets, the most common are:

  • Standard ticket (biglietto): it expires one hour after you have validated it (on weekdays) or four hours after you have validated it (on Sundays and public holidays).
  • 10 trip carnet (carnet da dieci biglietti): it can be used 10 times as a standard ticked.
  • Monthly or half monthly ticket (abbonamento mensile, abbonamento quindicinale): there are two kinds of these (intera rete (suggested) -> means that you can take whichever bus you want; tratta -> means that you have to fill in the number of the bus you want to use and that you can take only that one). Pay also attention that regardless of the day you buy or validate it for the first time a monthly ticket expires the last day of the month and a 15 day tickets expires the 15th day of the month (if you have validated it from the 1st to the 15th day of the month) or the last day (if you have validated it from the 16th to the last day of the month).
  • Annual ticket (abbonamento annuale): this expires exactly after one year after it has been issued.

If you are a student, [[1]] provides some money for the reimbursement of monthly and yearly tickets for the bus in Trieste. Be sure to check the announcement!

Here you can find a comprehensive list.

Special warnings and tips

Monthly and half monthly tickets should be validated before the first trip of the month and of the half month AND shall be filled with your name, surname and with the name of the month as detailed in the example below. Half monthly tickets requires also the customer to fill in the period (1-15 or 16 - end of month) in which the ticket is being used. Remember that if you are not using an intera rete ticket you should also fill in the bus line number you wish to travel with (we strongly recommend to buy intera rete tickets). Failing to fill all these info can give rise to a fine (up to 50 euros). Note that the monthly ticket is valid from the first to the last day of a month, and NOT for 30 days from the validation (i.e. if you validate it the 5th November, it will only be valid to the 30th November). The half month ticket is valid for the first half (i.e. 1st-14th) OR the second half of the month (i.e. 15th-31st). If you validate a half-month ticket on the 5th it will ONLY be valid until the 14th.

Monthly ticket specimen - In the red rectangle you can see the validation code.

Monthly and half-monthly tickets are usually sold only by tobacconist's shops and they run out of tickets in a few days (especially those near the train station). Therefore, always take with you an emergency one trip ticket, just in case.

Annual tickets are sold only by the Trieste Trasporti customer care department. For a short English guide of how to purchase a yearly ticket, you can read this page.

Fares for 2013

You can find all the fares on the Trieste Trasporti web site. Fares are updated once a year (1st day of January); from the day in which ticket fares are updated old tickets cannot be used any longer and must be changed (you are entitled to pay only the difference between the old fare and the new one).

Kind of ticket Price in €
Standard ticket 1,25
10 trips carnet 11,25
Half-monthly ticket - intera rete 21,00
Monthly ticket - intera rete 32,55
Annual ticket - intera rete 325,50