Guide for purchasing a yearly bus pass

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For the purchase of a yearly ticket for the whole bus network of Trieste Trasporti S.p.A. you can use this short guide. For some other information about the transport in Trieste, visit the page Local transport. If you are a student, you can get a 30% reimbursement of the total cost of the yearly ticket from ERDISU.

When, what, where

You will need to bring

  • A passport-sized photo,
  • A method payment for € 300 (cash, bank card or credit card),
  • Knowledge of the information below for completing the form.

Go to the Trieste Trasporti office on “via dei Lavoratori 2” between the hours of 8.30-12.30, 13.30-15.00 (Mon to Thu) 8.30-12.30 (Fri), phone number 040 7795 301 (Ufficio Acquisizione Tariffe / Biglietteria).

The annual pass is called “abbonamento annuale.” The pass for the entire network is called “intera rete.” So, what you should say is “Vorrei acquistare un abbonamento annuale per l'intera rete.” The person at the entrance will direct you to the right window (you will have to turn right and you'll have it on your right).

Find the window, and you will be given a form. Write the following data in ALL CAPS:

  • Full name

Note: Codice fiscale is optional, and is completely safe to skip.

  • Address (indirizzo)
  • Postal code (CAP)
  • Date of birth, dd/mm/yyyy (data di nascita)
  • Phone number
  • Starting month and year for your annual pass. (If you have a validated ticket for the current month, then you should

specify the next month; the ticket will be valid from the first day of the month specified and no reimbursement or reduction is provided!)

The worker will take your form and photo, and copy your information onto the new annual pass. Then he will take your photo and laminate it onto your pass.

Validity of your ticket, what to do in case of loss or theft

After taking your payment, he will give you the pass. You will receive a paper with the following information:

Informazioni per abbonamenti annuali

  • L'abbonamento non va obliterato.
  • La validità è di dodici mesi ed è indicata sul titolo di viaggio stesso
  • Per evitare lunghe attese allo sportello si invita l'abbonato ad effettuare il rinnovo in anticipo (possibilmente anche 10 o 15 giorni

prima della scadenza) portando una foto per il nuovo titolo di viaggio.

Modalità in caso di smarrimento o furto

  • Per il rilascio gratuito del duplicato, bisogna recarsi presso la biglietteria della Trieste Trasporti, dove si compilerà

un'autocertificazione, portando una foto per il nuovo titolo di viaggio.

  • Eventuali altre informazioni sono reperibili al numero verde 800 016 675 oppure sul sito internet

This translates to:

Information for annual passes

  • The pass should not be validated [like how one trip tickets are cut and stamped by the yellow boxes].
  • It is valid for 12 months, and the period is indicated on the ticket itself.
  • To avoid long waitings in line, you are encouraged to renew in advance (possibly 10 or 15 days before the espiration date), and bring a photo for the new ticket.

In case of loss or theft

  • To receive a free duplicate, you must go to the ticket office of Trieste Trasporti, where you will file a self-report, and bring a

photo for the new ticket.

  • Further information is available from the toll-free number 800 016 675 or online at [].