Cost of living in Trieste

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In the following you will find some prices to give you an idea of the cost of living in Trieste. Your living costs will depend largely on your lifestyle. Some students spend much more than others!

Living cost Estimate of prices (2011) Details
Rent a room or a small apartment € 150-450 per month - see Accommodation
Bills (gas, water, electricity) € 30-45 per month - see Accommodation
Full meal in SISSA cafeteria € 80 per month - about € 3-5 per lunch - see ERDISU
Food and other at home € 80-100 per month
Monthly ticket for local transport € 30.00 per month - see Local_transport
Ticket for train € 22.00 minimum price for a Trieste-Venice return ticket (about 150+150 km)
Dinner in a (cheap) restaurant € 15-30
Entertainment (cinema, theatre) € 5-15 see ERDISU for discounts of Trieste Universitaria Card
TV Licence € 110 annual price