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ARDISS is an agency run by the Region created to provide students with services (cafeteria and bar discounts) and financial support. As Ph.D. students, we are entitled to get cafeteria discounts and to ask for an accommodation in an ARDISS-owned building. At ARDISS we can get the Trieste Universitaria card that is useful if we want to have discounts in some sport facilities, in theaters, etc.

Cafeteria (& SISSA Bar) discounts

In order to get these discounts you have to apply for an ARDISS card. In order to apply you have to go to the ARDISS offices ([1]) with a passport-sized photograph and with the receipt for the payment of the € 140,00 tax that you were requested also to enroll in SISSA. As soon as you get there you should state that you want a tessera mensa and that you are a SISSA student. They will ask you to fill in a paper form. We strongly advice you to go there with someone fluent in Italian. If you're here as an ERASMUS student you can apply for the tessera mensa without paying the regional tax but you'll be requested to show a certificate from our Students' Secretariat stating that you are here thanks to an international exchange program. Your card will work only until the end of your stay in Trieste, for this reason the date in which your exchange period ends should be clearly indicated in the certificate.

Once you have your card you can immediately use it at the ICTP cafeterias (either in the Leonardo or Adriatico buildings) and at the Synchrotron cafeteria (in Basovizza). After a few days you'll be able to use it also at the SISSA main building bar in Miramare. You can use the card twice per day. You'll be entitled to get a full meal at 4.60€ (Oct. 2013)). There is the possibility to pay even less provided that you can get an ISEE certificate. Unfortunately this is almost impossible for non-Italian students. In order to get this certificate you should obtain an officially translated (by a consulate) copy of your parents (and brothers or sisters) income declarations plus a translated document that clearly states whether your family owns any building, their value, and the exact amounts of your family savings. After you've collected all these translations you can go to the ARDISS sala convegni (only from August until the beginning of October) where there will be a number of employees helping foreigners in this procedure or to contact Trieste University tax office (only if the ARDISS provided assistance is not available at the time of your request) which will prepare the certificate for you free of charge. In particular you should contact the Ufficio Tasse by email () or phone (040/558-7971) clearly stating that you are a SISSA foreigner student. For those who have an ISEEU certificate the required values are:

ARDISS meal fares for SISSA Canteen
Price for a full meal Price for a reduced meal ISEEU ISPEU
€ 2,05 € 1,47 < 20.124,71 < 33.960,46
€ 3,60 € 2,57 between 20.124,71 and 30.000,00 between 33.960,46 and 48.600,00
€ 4,60 € 3,30 > 30.000,00 > 48600,00

Once you have the ISEE certificate you have to submit it to the ARDISS along with an on-line form that can be found on their website (in Italian only).

Accommodation in an ARDISS-owned building

Once per year all PhD students in SISSA can apply to be assigned a fully furnished apartment in an ARDISS-owned building. Four places per year are available for SISSA students. The building is in the URBAN area (complesso URBAN) sited between Via Sporcavilla and Via dei Capitelli. The selection is handled by SISSA and is announced by an email sent to all PhD students from the Students' Secretariat. The assignation of the apartments is done by a committee designated by the SISSA Director. The apartments will be available for one academic year. The assignee will be disadvantaged for the assignments to activities connected with services rendered by the School (150 hrs) and will not have the right to receive the contribution towards living expenses.

Benefits of living at the ARDISS Buildings

The apartments are very recent, fully furnished and the rent is € 250,00 per month (including water, electricity and heating). You will also have rights and duties deriving from the lease contract, access to financial aid offered on the basis of a public competition to support rental costs, and lease terms varying from 6 to 36 months (more flexibility in comparison with other, longer lease terms). Also students can enjoy the social life that is acquired by living in a student residence.

How to participate?

The ARDISS apartment contest will usually be held in late August - early September (an email will be sent to all SISSA PhD students) In order to participate you should present the following material:

  • Application form
  • Letter stating your economical conditions.

All the supporting application documents should be handed in at the Students' Secretariat.

Selection criteria

SISSA gives priority to the candidates coming from the countries listed on this Ministry Decree. But also takes into account family, social and economical reasons that justify the necesity of living at an ARDISS apartment.

When selected

If you have been select to live in an ARDISS Building, you will be contacted by the Students' Secretariat. The Students’ Secretariat will inform the ARDISS offices about the assignment. After that you'll have to refer to Mr. Dario Clean of the ARDISS offices (040 3223561).

Trieste Universitaria card

You can ask for this at the ARDISS. They will make you fill a request and take your photo. At the end they'll give you a temporary paper card saying that the official one will be delivered to SISSA as soon as it's ready. You can check the Trieste universitaria web site in order to see which shops and services you're entitled to get discounts. Also take a look at the sport facilities web page.

Contribution for the bus tickets


For some help on how to purchase a yearly bus ticket, you can read this guide.


ARDISS offices are located near the University of Trieste and can be reached using bus n. 4 or n. 17 - 17/