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SISSA is located in Via Bonomea 265, near Opicina. Because of the strong collaboration with the ICTP, we also report here the location of the ICTP campus in Miramare.

SISSA and ICTP are located as follows:

Location Campus Bus Lines
Opicina (Via Bonomea 265) SISSA 2, 4, 4/, 38
Miramare ICTP 36

The map below shows the location of SISSA and ICTP buildings and of the train station (Trieste Centrale).

Opicina - Via Bonomea

How to get there

  • By bus: bus lines (2, 4 and 38) arrive close to/to Santorio. On Trieste Trasporti website you can find the updated schedules for all the bus routes. This utility allows you to check bus routes (linee) and to plan the journey (calcolo percorso). We provide a small handbook for those who have problems reading Italian. In case you need more general information about the transportation system in Trieste, check this page.
  • Opicina's tram that leaves from Piazza Oberdan can also be an option to get close to the building.
  • A shuttle service connects SISSA with ICTP; check here the timetables.

Useful informations

We list here, sorted by building, several practical informations about the SISSA campus in via Bonomea which may result useful. The location of the buildings is reported in the map above; for more precise plans refer to this section.


It is the main building of via Bonomea campus (Building A); inside there are several places you should know. To check where the people you'll interact mostly with during your first days in SISSA, check this page.

  • Post office: You can use it both to receive incoming mail, which you can check in your personal mailbox, or to send outgoing mail, which should be left in the outbox.
  • Helpdesk: It is in the first floor, room 114.
  • Students' secretariat: You find it in second floor, in room 222; refer to this page for any kind of general information.
  • Library: SISSA library can be found at the ground floor, on the right after the main entrance.
  • Parking: SISSA students are allowed to use the car parking in front of the main building in via Bonomea. If you need to park your car there, just remember to keep with you the SISSA badge, which is needed in order to lift the bars leading to the garage.
  • Eating: SISSA canteen and bar are both located at the ground floor of the main building, on the left right after the main entrance. As ERDISU is the agency providing those services, refer to them for informations about the ERDISU card and discounts.
  • Printing: To print files, you can follow the instructions reported here (notice that some of them could be outdated due to the relocation). Paper supply is stored in the technical rooms (i.e. grey doors adjiacent to the bathrooms), except rooms 2B, 6A and 7A at the second, sixth and seventh floor respectively.
  • ATM: near the main entrance, operated by unicredit bank.

Nursery or Nido

It is located in Building B1.

Music Room

You find it in Building B5 just above the Gym; for detailed instructions about its use, see the Music Room section.


It is located in Building B5. Here you can find information about its activities.

Sectors and lecture halls location

In order to give an idea of how sectors are spatially organized inside the main building, we report here a table of sectors and floors where offices are expected to be found. Take it just as a broad indication, as exceptions are frequent: if you need to find someone in particular, please refer to the SISSA phonebook.

Sector Floor
Applied Mathematics 7th
Astroparticle Physics 5th and 6th
Astrophysics 5th
Functional and Structural Genomics 4th, 5th and 6th
Geometry 6th and 7th
Mathematical Analysis 6th and 7th
Mathematical Physics 6th and 7th
Neuroscience - Cognitive Neuroscience 2nd and 3rd
Neuroscience - Neurobiology 4th, 5th and 6th
Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems 3rd and 4th
Statistical Physics 6th
Theory and Numerical Simulation of Condensed Matter 3rd and 4th
Theory of Elementary Particles 5th and 6th

We also list the lecture halls available inside the main building; many of them are associated with a Ph.D. curriculum, which we report in the following table.

Room Number Ph.D. curriculum Capacity
003 - Multimedia Shared 24
004 Shared 42
005 Shared 70
113 Astroparticle Physics 15
128 Shared 56
129 Shared 56
131 Theory and Numerical Simulation of Condensed Matter 30
132 Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems 30
133 Functional Analysis (Mathematical Analysis and Applied Mathematics) 30
134 Master degree in Mathematics 30
135 Astrophysics 30
136 Mathematical Physics 30
137 Theory of Particle Physics 30
138 Theory of Particle Physics 30
139 Cognitive Neuroscience 30